About Me


Hello! My name is Carli, and this is my blog. I thought I'd just make a list of things that might help you get to know me and my blog a bit better!

♥ I wear Vintage clothes and have done so since I was a teenager. I started dressing the 'way I wanted' at 15 when I started working and had my own money to buy my *own* clothes! I started OP shopping and to my family's amazement started stepping out in clothes from the 60's and 70's.  These could be thrifted for 50 cents back then!  I was a bit obsessed with lurex, lame, suede and flares.

♥ I'm a Lampwork glass artist and make intricate glass beads. My website is www.bead-licious.com and if you click there, I have a brief history on Lampworking that you can read. My etsy shop is beadlicious, where I sell my glasswork including jewellery pieces I have also made.

♥ I have been married to the Sexiest man on the Planet for 18 years and we have 2 Princess daughters, Miss 13 and Miss 6.

♥ I am quite short, 4' 11". 

♥ I always have red lipstick on. The BEST red lipstick is MAC Ruby Woo. 

♥  The most beautiful nail polish is Nfu-Oh #51.  If you don't have a bottle, please go now and buy one!

♥ The Sexiest Man or Miss 11 take my outfit photos. I'm currently using an Olympus SP-800UZ.


The 2 Misses.

The Sexiest Man On The Planet

Thanks for reading!  For anything review or advertising related, I can be contacted at booteddybelle@hotmail.com