Sunday, September 30, 2012

Recent Thrifty Finds

How could I leave this gorgeous little Burro and cart in the Oppie for $1?? I grabbed him as soon as the lady popped him on the shelf. She looked a little surprised. I am now on the hunt for some 50's lucite grapes to fill his cart.

I scored some more Sunbeam glass mixing bowls for my ever growing Sunbeam mixer collection. Cough *3* cough mixers...... These bowls were $2 and $3 each.

This cottage pin dish and Margaret Rose compact were freebies from 2 glorious old ladies in 2 different Op shops on the same day! I must have looked ultra cute that day.

And another cake stand. I pick up every cheap one I see....a lady can never have too many plates that hold cakes.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

When It Rains


OK, it wasn't raining this day but my dress had umbrellas on it! You guys know I'm a sucker for novelty prints and this dress screamed at me from Etsy with it's gorgeous ladies frolicking with brollies print.

And yes, it's still chilly and I needed a cardi.

50's dress: HoneyMeanieVintage
Cardi: Retail
Cherries Necklace: Me
Shoes: Modcloth

Friday, September 28, 2012

Our Week

I attended the Womens Diversification Farm Expo and Miss 4 got to pat Llamas.

Just for Miss Tallulah: 5 new guinea piggy babies! 5 babies to one mother is very rare and Miss 11 was esctatic.......I do feel for the poor little Mum tho. Ouch.

Flame On Exhibtion started at Kirra Gallery in Federation Square Melbourne.  We had a glass meetup and watched glass blowing demonstrations.
I made myself a bracelet with some new glass I got in from the USA. Yum!

Kids sized chips with sauce in a mini chip fryer basket! I thought it was cute.

Our resident blue tongue lizard banged on the glass until I opened the door. The he crawled inside, had a walk around and let me hold him. I had to take him outside before he made himself too much at home. This is very rare for a lizard to be like this, ususally they don't come near humans if they can help it. I felt very special.

What's news with everyone else?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

JADE Holographic ENERGY


Jade Energy, 2 coats. Nuff said.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Shoes Day!

Today for Shoes Day I have my 2 pairs of Hilo's by Miss L Fire.

I fell in love with the style of the shoe and bought it in the Bue and Black colors when ASOS had them on sale. On the foot, however, they look completely different and don't match a lot of outfits in my closet. Hence, they rarely get worn which is a huge shame.

Here are 2 instances of when I have worn them:

I have blogged about these shoes HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE in the past.

Next week more Miss L Fire's!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Cottage In The Country

I'm a smug witch cause I'm wearing Bernie Dexter's new printed Country Cottage dress.


See, it's windy!  And still cold when it's SPRING!  Hurry up and get warm already!  Sheesh.

Dress: Bernie Dexter via Unique Vintage
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Cardi & Belt: Retail

Monday, September 24, 2012

Vampire's Dessert

I have been listing after a chocolate brown holo for years. And I finally found a nice, rich decadent one from Enchanted Polish. This is 2 coats of Vampire's Dessert with a voat of Seche QD.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Zoya Spam


Zoya Yara, 2 coats. The online swatches I have seen shot this color as green wonderful-ness.....but on me it's just a murky green. HATE THAT!!


Zuza, 2 coats. I LOVE this color! And it's perfect for Summer, I'll be wearing this one often.


Tru, 2 coats. So lush and pretty.

And a blog flashback! This is Zoya Harlow, one of my fav polishes ever and for some reason I sold it in a blog sale. *shakes head at own silliness*. Notice my squoval shaped nails!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Season Irregular Choice

You all know that Irregular Choice is my favourite brand for shoes. I am obsessed with them and just wish I could buy everyting! Their new collection includes these:

Woodland shoes with tiny mushrooms and deer? DYING.  I need these soooooo bad!! 
 Panda shoes!  Seriously, how much more cute could shoes get??

And a circus bag is something that I am probably a little too old for....but I could use the excuse that Miss 4 needs it.

Which ones from the collection are you lusting after?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Little Ray Of Sunshine

We had a very small amount of sunshine the other day so it called for a Spring dress......but it was still too chilly to not wear a cardi!  I am so sick of cardigans!


I so love this dress and print. Bernie Dexter is my hero. And my shoes are the bomb.

Dress: Bernie Dexter but is a Modcloth exclusive and just back in stock today!
Shoes: Irregular Choice
Cardi: Retail
Hair Flower: eBay

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cheap Asian Polish Find

This little cheap and nasty was found in an Asian $2 shop.  Brand is Blush-amour and has no name, but I felt it deserved a post regardless of how hard it would be for anybody to find. 

 It smells like death, and I probably will die a horrible death if I smelt it long enough, but look at the color....wowee! This is a perfect Wine color for me and I loved how it looked completely different under natural and artificial lights.

Have any Aussie shoppers found this brand anywhere?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Crows Toes Gomez

I am loving Crows Toes. I'm super glad Llarowe picked her up so us International girls could have the pleasure of owning some of them. Every color I have got as been gorgeous.

This was a coat of Gomez over China Glaze Splish Splash from the new Neon collection. One coat of any Crow Toes is all you need, the bottles are jam packed full of glitter. Two coats of Seche QD to finish it off.    I did use the PVA basecoat on this to make removal super easy.


And Splish Spash on it's own.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I'm On The Mexican Radio

My skirt is my most exciting piece of vintage I have purchased for awhile. Sometimes you open a package and gasp at the splendiferous-ness of it all and this skirt was one of them.

One of the nicest 1950's handpainted and sequin embellished skirts I have come my opinion. I love how it's not the traditional black based color. This one POPS!


It's still a little chilly and I had to wear a cardi. Unfortunately the color I picked was a little too loud, but I didn't know that until afterwards when I looked at these photos.

Skirt: Facebook OohLaLa Buy and Sell
Top & Cardi: Retail
Shoes: K-mart
Cat eye Sunnies: ASOS (currently on sale)