Saturday, November 30, 2013

Illamasqua Blizzard 2013 Christmas Collection


I received a fun package from the fabulous girls over at Illamasqua Australia recently and I have swatches of Blizzard, their new glitter polish for the 2013 Christmas collection. 

I layered 2 coats over Orly Au Champagne to achieve an all white look, but Illamasqua's website shows it layered over black which looks great.

Blizzard retails at $22.00 AUD from Myer and David Jones counters or shop online.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wiggle Dress and Holographic Shoes

This dress is in my 'too mumsy to wear' pile but I got told I look cute when I finally pulled it on......and I'm pretty happy to accept cute.

You can't see but my shoes are holographic and shine rainbow colors in the light.

50's wiggle dress: eBay
Shoes: Forever 21
Confetti Lucite jewellery: Etsy

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Our Bathroom Renovation

We decided it was time to turn our bright yellow and mint horror of a bathroom into something a little more pop arty and modern.  And because The Sexy Man and I are both very handy and wonderfully clever...we did it all ourselves.  If you follw me on IG, @konadlicious, you will have seen sneak peeks of a few of these photos, but here they are a lot bigger in size.
Want to have a look?
First we knocked down the wall in between the loo and bathroom.

And jackhammered up all the floor tiles in 3 rooms plus a hallway.

Pulled all the tiles off the walls and removed the ivory pedestal basin.

And started laying the awesome red tiles that took me over a month to source.

Took out the Ivory Apricoty (!!) toilet and installed a nice white one.

Painted the yellow walls stark white through the laundry and hallway.
FYI, to paint white over a yellow takes SIX coats.

Pulled out the shower

And started tiling floor to ceiling.

Now, the fun part!  We pulled out all my mosaicing supplies from the garage and dumped it all in the middle of the bathroom and started......

.....mosaicing the walls!

Have you ever mosaiced?  It's mentally draining.  It's like a HUGE jigsaw puzzle and you have to cut, slot and fit.  After a several hour stretch you are completely exhausted.

Almost done!  After securing all the tiles to the wall we then grouted all over with white grout, then buffed back the excess, semi dried with a heat gun then got to it again with box cutters to define the grout on every single piece of tile and make sure no pieces got covered over with grout.

And finished!  You can click on the pics to make them bigger if you want to see details. 

What did we throw into our mix?  Everything we could put our fingers on....ceramic doll heads, geisha figurines, elephants, dogs, parts of mirrors, washed up sea glass, my broken glass beads, marbles, nude statues, pre decimal coins, current coins, Turkish tiles, shards of pottery 150 years old, bullet casings, retro coasters, antique china, modern solid color tiles, teapot spouts (lots of those),  pot lids, antique Bakelite light switches............ just to name a few!

The light and corner towel cupboard are from Ikea.

The mirror is a $29 bargain from Kmart.

So, my take on renovations??  I'm NEVER going to renovate anything ever again!  This project took 3 months and it was solid hard work by The Sexy Man almost every night when he got home from work, by myself during the day and both of us every weekend.  But we love our new bathroom, what do you guys think?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Most Fabulous Novelty Printed Dress Ever



The 3 Amigos

Miss 12 wears Dangerfield dress
Miss 5 wears Target dress
I wore a 50's novelty printed dress from eBay
Shoes: Mollini

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Can Nubbins Rock Warhol??

So, yep.  I have nubbins.  Quite possibly the shortest nail length I have had in the last 3 years.  I am renovating our bathroom and am up to mosaicing the walls stage.  Constant digging thru small pieces of tile and fingers in gooey silicone make for very unhappy fingers.  So I am afraid my nails will have to wait to grow for a couple of weeks yet.

In the meantime here is a little bit of Neon Pink from Color Club's Warhol and a glittered nail from Voodoo Lacquer called 40 Miles to Vegas.  I stamped with a-England's Camelot, which I don't recommend as it comes out quite watery as you can see.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Our Week

Rainy days = lots of baking.

Getting hair done did.

The Carnival came to town.

Finding t-shirts with rabbits dressed in hip hop and Gummy Bear leggings = necessary purchase.

Hair ripped out of armpits for the first time.

Invites to parties.

Renovating and mosaicing our bathroom.
What have you guys been up to??

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Essenzza Treatment Masks Review

  • Uses Japanese silk masks of the highest quality that cling to every inch of the skin
  • Unlike many traditional face masks, they are ready to be applied straight from the sachet and are simple to use and easy to remove
  • Made using powerful, natural active ingredients, the facials leave skin feeling smooth, clear and hydrated
  • Designed for the time-poor woman, as a quick and easy way to revitalise the skin
  • Leave on for 20-30 minutes after showering

    The facial wrap came with a front backing, which was handy as you could get it into position on your face without touching the solution, before whipping that off once you were happy with the placement.   The mask allows for a range of different face sizes and I felt it fit my face nicely after I had spent a few seconds moving it around.
    I was able to use up all my lives of Pet Rescue Saga and Candy Crush before realising half an hour had passed, so I guess I took the advice on the packet and had a rest!  When your time for the mask to do it's job has finished you simply take off the mask and let your face dry.  I followed it's instructions but felt my face needed it's nightly moisturiser also, so applied that as usual.
    You may or may not want to eat something like this while waiting for your mask to be finished.  Totally optional. 

  • Comes in three varieties – Moisturise & Smooth (carrot seed and coconut oil), Anti-Ageing & Antioxidant (Moroccan Argan Oil and vitamin C) and Cleanse Exfoliate (citrus and pineapple enzymes)
  • No sulphates, no harsh preservatives and paraben-free
  • Essenzza Fuss Free Facials are available at leading pharmacies and online at RRP $14.95 for a pack of three.