Friday, December 26, 2014

A Whole Bunch of Thrifty Finds!

I realised I haven't done Thrifty Finds post for absolute months, so here is almost everything I have found in one long post!

All things kitsch with Sherlock shakers and Royal Doulton Merryweather plates (if anyone has 2 teacups, please let me know!)

Kissing mousies shakers!

Jailbird shakers and cookie jar.

An original retro oil painting of Hong Kong.

50's kitsch 3D frames and a 50's tennis set.

70's hobnail glasses set and a cool scarf.

A plethora of amazingness in one day!  Bobble head shakers, ugly pig cookie jar, squirrels...oh my!

A new West German vase.

A 60's enamelled starburst sculpture and matching smaller one. 
These things are worth a fortune now.

A bunch of 30's Japan napkin rings!

More 30's napkin rings, a pink doggie and sumo!

And last weekend's finds of Disneyania, a bear pulling a fish, cake plate
and a piece of West German pottery.
That's my cheap Thrift finds for the last couple of months, how did you guys go?

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pinup Girl Clothing Hawaiian Hideaway Dress

I have the purple and pink colorway in this dress set and love it.  So when Pinup Girl had their Black Friday sale, I sort of ordered this colorway as well.  I also had it taken up a couple of inches in the hem and the bolero sleeves sewed back so the purple lining is I guess there is no reselling this one ever!  My hair was nicely curled, but when it's a muggy 33C, hair tends to go limp very quickly.

Dress sets are perfect for stacking up bangles and adding over the top accessories.

I do wish that it wasn't so booby.  I like to cover my cleavage and get very self conscious when I can't do that.  Being a short 4'11" means that EVERYONE can look straight down your top......and everyone usually does.  I have found that cleavage is a problem for almost everything from Pinup Girl Clothing,  please bring out more items that COVER the girls PUG!

50's reproduction Hawaiian dress: Pinup Girl Clothing
Raffia Wedges: Irregular Choice
Hair Flower: Uncle Fezter
Floral Sunglasses: Sheinside
Bakelite: Here, There and Everywhere
Nail Polish: ILNP Electric Carnival

Saturday, December 20, 2014

ILNP Electric Carnival

The Australian bulk order of the new Ultra Chrome flakies from ILNP finally arrived!  I have a fab video of this polish in full sparkle action, but unfortunately Blogger refused to upload it.  So head on over to my Instagram page, @konadlicious, to see it. 

I did 2 coats of Electric Carnival over 1 coat of black.  It would have gone opaque on it's own, but I want to preserve this color for awhile as it will be one I'll be wearing often.  I'll be showing my next 2 color choices from this collection soon.......which colors did you guys get?

Friday, December 5, 2014

Vintage Turquoise

It's now Summer and my Winter Boho days are behind me for another few months.  Pretty dresses are now to the fore of the wardrobe, along with Bakelite stacks and rhinestones.  It is nice to change decades every few months, I do recommend it.