Friday, April 16, 2010

For Audrey

Finally got around to using my For Audrey by China Glaze. This was a color I wasn't too sure about, but everyone's reviews on it were great and for only $2.60..whatcha gonna do??!
It applied rather streakily, goopily and very thickly, did I get a bad bottle? It took a good hour to dry of only 2 coats...not overly impressed with the formula but the color is gorgeous. This is stamped with Red Konad.


  1. First! Love this plate and love this combo!

    I haven't used Audrey for more than to make dots on flowers but I really love the color. I hope that thinner will fix your bottle (and possibly mine)!

  2. Looks really pretty. I love the Konad red. It really pops. :)
    I've heard that there are a few China Glazes that are thick like you mentioned.

  3. One of my favorite Konad images. :) I like this color combo.
    Maybe you need to add a bit of thinner to your polish.

  4. So pretty. I like the red over that heavenly Tiffany blue. :D

    I am wearing For Audrey, right now. It is gorgeous and I love it but it is definitely a three coater, for me. :D

  5. VERY pretty and unique combo!!

  6. Love this color combo and the konad plate! Great job!!

    You have been tagged by LeVernisChocolat with the I love you blog Award – and you are so deserving of it!! :-0)

  7. Wow, cool bananas! Thanks for the headsup!

    I am having trouble making myself remove this color combo, after 3 days it hasn't chipped, looks like new and it getting heaps of comments.


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