Thursday, April 29, 2010

Vintage Couture + Cupcakes

I got a few new fauxnad plates yesterday and got one strictly for it's cupcake design! The base is 3 coats of Vintage Couture, the forumla is streaky and thin and 3 coats barely got it streak free and smooth..ugh. Then Konad-ed with Chocolate Brown and red glitter. One coat of Seche QD.

One another note, I drove 3 hours to go to my nearest Ikea today with one mission in buy a Helmer!! They are so darn cute! BUT..I had to walk out of the store without one...on PRINCIPLE! These drawer units are $39.99 in America and Europe but in Australia they are $119.00! Can you believe it?? No way was I going to pay that ripoff amount of money. Now can you see how much us Aussies have to fork out over and beyond the rest of you guys? I could start with $19 OPI, $15 China Glaze, $30 Nfu-Oh, $18 Orly, $13 Loreal.....but I won't because this post would go on forever.

Grumble, grumble. :)


  1. Beautiful Konad.
    OMG that's insane about the pricing. :(

  2. Love the Konading.
    Sorry your prices are so high. WICKED.

  3. Loving your fauxnad plate - where did you get it? That mani looks fantasic. I can almost taste that yummy cherry on top ;P
    We don't have IKEA in Canberra, and I was seriously thinkin of going to Sydney to get a Helmer - $119 are you serious. I'll save myself the petrol and stick with my plastic boxes. There is no way I could be this addicted to nail polish if I weren't able to buy most brands O/S. I refuse to pay the rip off prices here in Oz.

  4. I got it off ebay froma seller who has now been suspended due to selling fake Konad plates....which is silly as he never said they were Konad, just nail stamping plates.
    I just found another supplier who will ship to Oz, who has Milani and Sinful just to name a couple.

  5. Argh. So annoying about the Helmer. I love Ikea and I'm pretty lucky to have one just down the road from where I live.
    These colours are great and the Fauxnad design is amazing! x


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