Thursday, April 15, 2010

Taxi Cab!

OK, this one is cheesy and looks like death on my nails but I had to try it once! For you Mum, go catch those New York Taxis!
This is a base of New York Summer Hush, which needed 4 coats to become opaque and non streaky. It was horrible to apply and I'm loathe to use it again. Instead I have ordered CG Happy go Lucky to see if that's any better. Black Pearl Konading.....a very bad go at it this time I'm afraid. It's coming off tonight!!

Thanks Susie for blogging about my link and taking me out of no-man's land! Kiss kiss.


  1. I think it looks nice. You will love the China Glaze one more though I bet.
    Glad to help. Just search for Konad and you find find tons of blogs. You comment or follow theirs and they will most likely follow yours. It makes it much more fun. :)
    You're welcome,

  2. You are certainly out of no-man's-land now, as a lovely person posted your blog on the makeup alley nail board. And that's how I found it. :) I have not ventured into the world of Konad as nothing really screamed at me to make an order. But then I looked through all your posts and found the music notes manicure. That's the one that is stuck in my mind. I played quite a few instruments in high school (I would now but no time as a mom-sigh) and this would have been AWESOME for performances. I usually wore red polish then, as that was cutting edge. Gawd I'm old. Back to the point - I am going searching for that konad plate now. I will have to wait a bit to order it, as I just purchased the poolside collection, but it will be coming to me eventually. Thank you for showing it to me, and the world!

    One more thing: I'm a tad bit jealous at the mom & daughter thing you have; I have a son and having him pick out my polish color is not quite the same as having a little polish party. He does like the mood change Claire's polish and I managed to get that on him before his father truly noticed and ordered me to get it off. :P I would not trade him for the world (getting dressed in the morning is as simple as throwing shorts and a shirt at him; matching not required) but sometimes a girl wants to be girly. :)

  3. I LOVE this one - i think I'm just partial to yellow cabs because Im from NYC - so it's almost like seeing a home landmark again!! This is really cute!! Thanks to a special NBer I found you too!! Yeah!!

  4. Awesome nails! I don't own any yellow polish but I really love this one.

  5. Hi Deborah, I'm so embarrassed about those piano pics, they were so sloppy! The piano is really tricky to put on your own nails...I'm going to try again soon and see if I can get them a bit straighter!
    Girls are nice to dress up but we were desperate for a boy (and got 2 girls) but we are just thankful both are healthy and gorgeous! They are actually both anti-girly and act like complete boys...except they will sit still and insist on nail polish so there may be hope for them yet!

    Apaige2u, Thx for finding me! My parents are holidaying in NY in 2 weeks time, their first overseas trip. I've put in an order for nail polishes for my Statue of liberty snowglobes for me ;)

    Shortandsweetnails, this color took 4 coats to become opaque...I'm going to chuck it and check out CG yellows me thinks! STay tuned!


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