Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Saga of a Bloom

How do you end up with 8 layers of polish for one mani? Like this....
Start with one layer of base coat, add 2 coats of Aussie brand polish Bloom in 'Adelaide', which is a vampy dark red with lots of teeny weeny glitter and you get this;

Nice, huh?

But then I decided to add 2 coats of Gold holographic top coat I found on sale in Priceline, brand is Northern Lights and they claim to be "USA's Number 1 top coat and fastest drying" (is this true my American readers?? I've never heard of this brand before.) And the result is this:

A wonderful glitter in the sun but in my opinion it's boring so I decided to add 2 coats of Nfu-Oh #58 flakies of course!! With one coat of Seche QD. At the moment it's this:

Isn't it wonderful??! I have tried to capture the true color but the picture is flat compared to real life. It's super shiny and BLINGY and the most divine shade of Vamp wih alternating shades of Coral to Orange to a beetle back yellow/green.

I then thought I might Matte-ify it with some CG Matte Magic but changed my mind after one nail turned out like this:

So I quickly Seche'd that fingernail again back to super glossy wonderfulness! So technically my fingers have 8 layers with one nail having 10 layers...I'm expecting them to peel off at any moment!

I WAS thinking of some 2030 Gold Konading.....but sometimes you have to let things be and just revel in a gorgeous shade for a few days....don't you??


  1. No, it isn't true. In fact, I have never heard of the stuff. But it looks nice on your nails. Kind of reminds me of China Glaze Golden Enchantment, which I kind of adore. :D

    Your many layered mani is lovely. :D

  2. I love the first photo. :) I have done tons of layers before too. Sometimes it is very hard to stop.
    That company makes "Out The Door" topcoat. I bought some and don't like it. Many do.
    You sure have gained tons of new followers and I'm glad. Your blog is totally awesome,

  3. What a great way to change up your mani - now taking it off, ish! LOL Out the Door is a topcoat although I don't usually see the Northern Lights version, just plain and its ok. I've used it but its not my everyday choice.

  4. Oooh, thx for the tip Ice Queen, that one is going on my list!

    I got a mini bottle of Out the Door in the Northern lights holo pack. I havent used it yet so will have to compare against Seche one time.

  5. Let us know what you think of Out The Door,

  6. I've heard of "Out The Door",yes, but not this....I layer all the time, then usually as I'm driving (who knows why then) I try to count all the layers I put on my nails. Passes the time, I guess. LOL!



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