Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jade is the New Black?

Sorry peoples, I can't see the hype! It's a nice color but....I just didn't get excited once I put it on. In my humble opinion NOTHING beats black! Except maybe black with some awesome glitter included! Anyway, this was 2 coats and is wonderfully glossy. I then Konad stamped it with China Glaze Metallic Muse.

My nails were getting a little long for my liking, I find it hard to work properly with my torch flame if I have talons, so I filed my nails shorter in a square shape for the first time ever. Have I done a good enough job, any tips for me?

Naomi used China Glaze Sweet Cream for this manicure with Metallic Muse Konading. For those that haven't yet heard, China Glaze Khrome collection is perfect for stamping. Thx for the pic Nomes!


  1. I don't have the OPI JIB and I haven't really seen the interest. :) I mean it is very pretty but not something I "HAVE" to have.
    Your Konading is awesome.

  2. I like Jade with your Konad design!

  3. I am a green/blue fiend so I love this color and I love it even more with your design!

  4. You have lovely nails, and your konad stamping is so neat. We must have similar tastes in nail polish, reading your wish list is so similar to mine, except that I have splurged online and now got many of them. I desperately was some Nfu oh flakeys, but the Aussie supplier is out of stock.

  5. HI kitties26,
    Yep, just tried ordering some from Vivid a couple of weeks ago and all the sale flakies were gone! I can't justify paying $25 for the non sale ones....I should have gotten 44 and 45 with my last order, kicking myself now!
    Too bad fabuloustreet wont ship overseas. It's very annoying!
    I love your ulta3 swatches, their formula is fantastic for $2.


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