Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hong Kong Info Pweese

I am off to Hong Kong in a few weeks for a shopping trip. Are any of my readers in the know for where to go for nail stuff?!! I am after stamping plates and CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP polishes!
Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!


  1. You will have SO much fun in HK! The shopping is totally insane and the prices are awesome compared to Aus. My family is from HK so I go there at least once a year and do a massive haul =)

    Unfortunately I wasn't as into nail stuff last time I went to HK so I can only help you a little. You can purchase Konad plates from Purple House who are distributors in HK I believe - they're in Mongkok.

    Definitely go to Sasa - great for beauty bits and pieces and I got some nice nail stickers last time and Watsons sells GOSH and other brands too. You must check out Sephora, Faces and the other big department stores for the big brand names.

    Sorry I can't be more specific but it's been more than 6months since I went! I need to go more often =p Hope you have a FAB time!

  2. Thanks so much chelle, you are AWESOME!
    This will be my third time in HK, but like you, have never looked at beauty/nail stuff before, so a little heads up is great. I wasn't aware Sephora was in HK so that's a bonus.
    I cant remember the markets having any polishes....but I am guessing that if they do, they will probably be fakes??!
    Thx again!


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