Sunday, June 6, 2010

Zoya Charla & a Grumpy Baby

Just my pic to join the hundreds in cyberspace. This was 3's a gorgeous color but the wear was horrible. Chips after 2 hours of wear, and most of that was driving in the car. The removal was a nightmare and my fingers are still stained, ugh.
Am I the only one not overly fond of this??

And just cause I think this pic I took today of my now 2 year old was hilarious. This was her 'Miss. Diva had to stand still for 2 seconds, I'm contemplating a tantrum' face.


  1. I assume that her outfit is not normal daywear. She's one very smart chick if she always dresses like that!

    Charla looks beautiful but I can pass on it. But there are other blue/aqua glitters out there.

  2. I totally love Charla. Such a gorgeous blue.
    But you're right...I only swatched mine and it didn't even get to dry, but I still had stains.

    But I did also hear that Zoyas will stay longer if you use basecoats and topcoats without cellulose acetate butyrate. Or their special zoya system.
    Alllacqueredup had a post about it:

    And mylucidbubble:

    And your baby is so cute!! Children always make the best facial expressions.

  3. Wow that's crazy that it chipped after 2 hours! Mine lasted 3 days... I did cover it with Seche Vite though. That probably helped keep it in place. Looks great anyways :)

  4. Too bad for the wear and stain, because this color is absolutely gorgeous !

  5. HAHA I love your daughter's face. Cute.

    My Charla didn't chip and luckily didn't stain too did a little bit but I scrubbed with whitening toothpaste..LOL Sucks it didn't work out for you but it looks gorgeous anyway.

  6. The color is gorgeous but I am not decided yet if the hassle associated with this color is worth wearing it!

    I tried the toothpaste ShortandSweetNails but it didn't work, neither did scrubbing with soap or a shower...just hope it's going to come off eventually!

    Thanks Charos Butterfly for those links, I had read Lacquerized but had forgotten about it. I'll re read them now.

    Thx Jaljen...I think she's rather gorgeous too!

  7. I. Really. Like. That. Glitter! It's different to the other blue glitters I've seen, so I think it's unique. :)

    By the way, you're daughter is adorable!

  8. That face is hilarious! so adorable!

    Charla is the best color for summer, gorgeous!


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