Friday, June 4, 2010

Roses Among The Thorns

I'm really loving this mani, it looks super cute IRL.
This is China Glaze Roses among the thorns, which is a hot pink (?, more leaning towards a slight pink/orangey??) neon and unlike most neons, applied wonderfully in 2 coats. I used my new Bundle Monster french tips plate in the checkboard pattern with White Konad, added silver glitter striping and as an after thought it needed a little black butterfly on each hand.
It's generating heaps of comments!


  1. Oh this is really cute! I love the added glitter you added :)

  2. lovely, cute, pretty!!

  3. aww sooo cutee ><
    love it 10/10
    do it with hot pink pls. hehehe

  4. This is an adorable manicure. I admire everyones nail art and never do any myself.


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