Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm In LOVE!

....with Nubar Petunia Sparkles! Sigh....isn't this the most spectaular, wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous, dreamy, blingy, awesome, original color you have ever seen?? I haven't been this blown away by a polish color for awile but I can't stop staring at my magnificent nails.
I love you Petunia, with your full coverage at 2 coats glitter, the peculiar magenta color you are for want of a better description, the non furry feeling you give making a coat of Seche hardly needed, the way you make strangers stop and ask me what color I am wearing, for the way my daughter thinks my nails are the bestest in the world.

A backup bottle is needed PRONTO, off to ebay shopping I go.

The question is, are her Sparkle brothers and Sisters just as FAB???


  1. I see why you are in love. :)

  2. Fairly smooth, huh? Now that IS good.

  3. My eyes hurt... LOL

    Pretty! :)

  4. I've resisted buying this collection. Your making it very hard! Looks devine on you. Love that shade of pink. I missed the Mother's Day sale with the 20% off. I was going to buy the collection. Maybe when they have another sale I'll buy them all.

  5. Don't resist, go buy them Lucy! I have not seen a photo on a blog yet that captures the true color of Petunia, it really is unique. Maybe start with Petunia then work up to the rest like I seem to be doing ;) !

  6. Stunning color ! I love this a lot :)


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