Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nfu- Oh #51 & Swap Swatches

This is 2 coats of Nfu-Oh #51 over Sportsgirl Grape. It would have taken at *least* 3 coats of #51 to make it opaque and I'm not going to use that much of my beloved bottle!

I only have a couple of swatches of my nail swap polishes that I did before the #51 mani. Give me another day to stare at my nails before I take it off to swatch more!

This is 2 coats of Kleencolor Firework. It's a clear based polish with large and small red and gold glitter and heavy with micro green glitter. It's quite dense and if I wasn't in such a hurry to put my #51 on, 2 coats would have been good enough if appied correctly (it's very goopy). A third coat would get great coverage.

And this is 2 very thin coats of Kleencolor Red Alert. It is a fabulous bright red and the formula is wonderful. A perfect Minnie color.


  1. wow, that purple is amazing :)

  2. I like th Nfu-Oh. Very flattering!

  3. OMG that Nfu-oh looks so drool worthy on you no wonder you were kissing the bottle LOL. The colour is amazing! The other 2 polishes are gorgeous too.

    I got you a blog award =) Check it out on my blog:

  4. The firework glitter is SO different! I love the red alert though <3


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