Wednesday, June 16, 2010

L.A Girl White Out & Pic Question

I've been coveting this style manicure for months, ever since I purchased the Konad book and saw the photo at the back of the cute little apple pedicure. I didn't have a white polish, but one arrived in my mini haul from Cherry Culture yesterday, so here is my version!
This is 2 coats of White Out, it applied like I thought a white polish would; gloopily and streakily and on a few nails I did a super thin 3rd coat to even things out a bit.
Konad red and Sportsgirl Envy for the stamping with one coat of Seche QD. The polkadot stamping looks pretty craphouse actually, the Bundle Monster plates are too small for my nails and it's impossible trying to line up a polkadot stamp twice...

And I have just found out from the Editor that I am going to be feautured in a 2 page spread in the October issue of 'Australian Beading' magazine, so I am pretty stoked. Here's a profile pic my hubby took and I am contemplating it OK?? Not too cute-sy??!

or maybe this one???

Just joking! Calm down Mum.


  1. HaHa you should definitely go with the second might sell more beads with that one!!

  2. LOL! I agree, go with the second photo, you can get the men fully on board with beading :o)

  3. tee hee you look great! :) Love the nails too xo

  4. OH... congrats Carli! I personally like the second pic - but you must remember to wear some of your beads!

  5. The second picture is the best choose! Love it! :)

    And great nails too!

  6. pic #2 for sure. maybe a different shirt to show more cleavage, hah. but seriously, congrats on the feature!

  7. Hahaha, love the 2nd pic! You totally have a Betty Page look goin on and I love it.
    (remember to enter our giveaway!)

  8. Don't say Betty Paige, I htink she's the coolest girl ever!

  9. Ha ha, definitely go with the 2nd photo...LMAO!


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