Friday, February 4, 2011

Color Club Warhol

A quick post today, Miss 2.5 is down with a tummy bug and I'm up to my knees in vomit and runny poos. Poor little thing :(

Once again, Color Club has produced a retina searing color that just screams LOOK AT ME! I did 2 coats of Warhol over 1 coat of OPI Alpine Snow and 1 coat of Seche QD. Konading for the day was Princess crowns in black and gold as I was off to see Disney Live, and everyone knows you need Crowns on your nails to go see a Disney show.

Photos were taken in natural light with no flash. These pics have not been photoshopped!

This is a color that you can flash around and blind people with yourself, by entering my giveaway!


  1. I looooove the design you did on this mani!!

  2. the gold one looks gorgeous

  3. Gorgeous! And, I love your design, too! :)

  4. amazing! that's so impressive. hope your little one feels better soon x

  5. adorei... ficaram lindas ...


  6. What a sight on a gloomy winter day... Very cheerful, looks great on you. I don't think I could pull that off though :D

  7. What a gorgeous colour!! Definately what I need after all the dark colours I've been seeing/wearing this winter. Love the Konad too. I got mine out last night for the first time in months, just going through the plates and seeing what catches my eye!

    xx Angela @


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