Sunday, February 13, 2011

Outfit Of The Week

Just a couple of pics of a super cheap Target dress I picked up the other day.  It had a retro look about it so it came home with me for the price of $17. This is also my favourite shade of green so it was really coming home regardless of the price. **** Ugh, my boobs look HUGE. ****

I teamed it with a wide red belt and my 'Toto, we ain't in Kansas anymore' sequined ruby pumps! Yes, I looked very Xmassy.

I really hadn't has time to do my hair that day so it got a quick updo with clips and not much sorry. But this is a close up of my beautiful sterling silver and marcasite vintage brooch the Sexiest Man On The Planet bought for our 10th wedding Anniversary 5 years ago. I am wearing MAC Russian Red and my cherries hairclip was handmade and bought off eBay.

Outfits of the week, I have decided, are quite fun. I get to pose for the husband who makes me do all sexy stuff and we both have a laugh. I might stick with this!


  1. Great outfit, I love outfit posts :)!

  2. Loving that green! And your hair looks cute (:

  3. Lovely outfit, the dress looks fabulous on you!

  4. Cute outfit! Love the posing & the "commentary". LOL :O) Thanks for sharing.

  5. You look so pretty!
    The dress is so cute and love the shoes...

  6. you're making me want to get me to the fringe :D

  7. Love the outfit! The tiles on your patio floor and columns are also terrific!

    Did I read that right?? You've been married for 15 years? You don't look NEARLY old enough!

  9. Love the dress!! I didn't even think it looked Christmasy until you said something. Just looks retro and cute!

    You should enter my giveaway!

  10. Is that at your house? The stained glass look on the ground and posts is amazing!!

    That green also looks great on you

  11. you are gorgeous! i love your style

  12. oh my god i love that dress. Your wardrobe makes me envious

  13. Thanks Deb, Suki, Cel and Michelle!

    1xellus1. I do tend to ramble sometimes!

    Thanks Carolina! HUgs back!

    Gnoma. It took me AGES to decide to do the fringe!

    Hannagrl. I'm such a dork, at first I thought I had left my front door open in the photo!! I was a baby when I got married...right on 18!

    Thanks Laquer Ware, this green would look fab on anyone.

    ABOP. It's all mosaiced! It took me about 3 months and is 26 metres long...but it looks good!

    Mama Laura. Thanks heaps, I'll go check it out.

    Kenzie. Yep, thats my front verandah! Thanks!

    Thanks Danyal!

    Ange. It wasn't a bad buy for $17! Thanks dude!

  14. Fringe fringe... I haven't got it since I was a little girl, but... Since I have a high forehead, I would hide it a bit ;P
    Last but not least, I bought this adorable 50's style t-shirt yesterday <3
    Idea is becoming a project! :D

    P.S. sorry for my bad english >_<

  15. Your a natural for this sort of modeling!! Keep it comin!


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