Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ride My Sleigh!

This was one of the colors from BB Couture's Xmas line, and they all had super cool names. This is is 'Ride My Sleigh' and not only does it conjure up naughty images but it's also a celery green super sparkly knockout.
This was 3 coats as it's on the sheer side but it builds up to opaque easily with BB's wonderful formula.
I Konaded it with Warm Black and finished it with 1 coat of Seche QD. The black was It gave my hands a kind of Zombie appearance which was pretty cool.

This polish can be won in my SUPER HUGE AND SUPER COOL GIVEAWAY, so make sure you enter!


  1. I like the design! :D The green polish is very nice!

  2. reminds me of an area rug at a modern furniture store. BB makes the bestest greens ever.

  3. I love the stamping on it!

  4. Nice color and stamping, don't own any BB polish :(

  5. Kimberley. It does look a bit 70's doesn't it?!

    Thx Kelly and Thatssofresh.

    Peripateic. As soon as I read your comment I could see that THAT is what my manicure reminded me of!

    Thanks Ange and Diana!

  6. My infatuation with green nail polish just continues to grow excessively when I see a color as nice as this. Thanks for swatching it


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