Wednesday, February 9, 2011

MAC Ming Blue...a Saga Of Sorts

I ummed and ahhed about the Jin Soon collection of nail polish by MAC for ages. I looked at online swatches over and over again for ages deciding if I wanted them or not..before finally deciding I DID want them....just as they became discontinued! The Aussie MAC site had them offline and after ringing Head Office, their computers brought up as none in any stores either.
Enter eBay.
I was purchasing a few items from a gorgeous eBay seller, Leah Ann from llarowe, and lamented my fate about the polishes I was having trouble sourcing. She offered to run around a few MAC stores for me in the USA and she found Imperial Flower, Ming Blue and Earthly Harmony after a week of looking! Not only that, but she also ordered some Wonder Woman items (cause I have NO hope of getting them once they are released here in OZ) for me at her own cost and is sending them on for free.

I thought this was incredibly generous of her and once again I can't believe how wonderful some sellers and bloggers are once you get to 'know' them via email.

Onto Ming Blue. It's gorgeous. Beautiful. Wonderfully sparkly and it's all mine. 2 coats with a wee bit of Konading on the ring fingers with some Navy Rhinestones attached at the nail beds. 1 coat of Seche QD.
I prefer attaching my rhinestones near the cuticles as they don't 'pop' off easily there. To remove them, I usually have to dig at them with a cuticle stick.

First 2 photos are in full sunlight, last pic in the shade.
Doncha' love the fluer de lis pattern?


  1. Wow I looove this mani! I love everything about it! Especially the rhinestones lining the cuticles.

  2. I love this! The color is gorgeous and the little designs and rhinestones are too cute :)

  3. I love this kind of blue, remind me of my favourite blue nail polish from Elianto

  4. Wooowww I love the color! The designs and the rhinestones are very cute!

  5. Beautiful manicure!
    I love the design very much.

  6. i love blue :-)
    this mani looks great :-)

  7. It's so pretty! Mad @ myself now for passing on it. LOL Love the designs. Thanks for sharing.

  8. this is a gorgeous blue! I love the blue rhinestones by the cuticles!! i did the same thing in my birthday mani.

  9. omg i need the fleur de lis stamp! so cute

  10. Beautiful! I have got to know what Konad plate that is with the Fleur De Lis. Please post the number. Thanks

    scarter305 at aol dot com

  11. Amo a cor azul e esse seu é por demais de lindo!!!


  12. Thanks everyone!

    1xellus1. Yep, I passed on it too but luckily ending up getting one. That seller in my post, has a bottle for around $12 I think.

    Ange. It's cool, it's one of the new XL stamping plates from Chez-DElaney.

    Scarter305. It's a XL stamping plate, letter B.


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