Thursday, February 10, 2011

Singapore Anyone?

I'm off to Singapore in 10 days! Yay!

Do I have any Singapore followers who could very kindly give me some information on what polish brands that I should be looking out for, where I can buy them and any other awesome Singapore stuff to find?

Also, what are the must see attractions for a family with 2 kids? Any Vintage clothing shops?
And of course, which is the BESTEST Sephora to visit??!

Thanks guys!


  1. I think certainly the sephora in Orchard Road???? check out for Korres stores there :D Urban Decay has landed in Singapore too.

    The Universal Studios in Singapore is a bit small (if you have visited the ones in the US and Japan), but still the kids would like it :-)

  2. Ahhh! I love Singapore--it was home away from home. Definitely check out Orchard Road--tons of shops there :D And of course, check out Wisma Atria and ION Orchard :D

    My parents used to take me to Ngee Ann City when I was young--they usually have toy sale exhibits in certain months! Go crazy :D Have fun!! xx

  3. Orchard Road..must go for shopping! There's a lot of cool stuff in Orchard. I missed Singapore when I lived in Malaysia. If you have time, visit Malaysia as well! ^_^

  4. Go to Far East Plaza, my favorite is Enamour. There are many stores there with makeup as well that you should check out!
    If you've ever heard of Nfu-Oh, the korean nail polish brand, be aware of fake ones in Far East though. You can tell because the bottle shape is different.
    And also stop by the small, pink makeup stores called SaSa all around Orchard Road and the malls. They sell very cheap, cute nail polishes that are nice.

  5. And you know Nfu-Oh, of course... sorry!
    Oh and Universal for family attractions, and the Safari and Botanical Garden.
    Far East is amazing for shopping btw! Lots of vintage jewelry stores there as well. Visit Chinatown as well, cute small vintage stores there.

  6. hmm visit Haji Lane if you want :) Small shops, some are vintage fashion, very quirky little place.
    There's Skinfood, Nature Republic, Etude House, The Face Shop available on Orchard Road, try Somerset 313 as well! :D Beauty Credit also has polishes...

    Elianto (for Racing Green) and more, go to Tampines Mall, level 2. Gets very crowded in the evening and weekends! Or you can try their branch at Chinatown Point level one, but sometimes its closed.

    As for family outings, USS as mentioned, Sentosa maybe? Theres also a MINT Museum of Toys located at Seah Street, wonderful small little museum with toys stocked up from all over the world, vintage ones ;)

    Visit the museums, if you like. There should be some open house visits soon. They are located at the City Hall area. :)


  7. If you're looking for relatively good and cheap nail polishes, I would recommend Mosaic. While I haven't tried them, though I am dying to, from what I've seen from local blogs, it seems decent.

    You can find them in places such at ALT at the Heeren in Orchard Road for S$3.90.

    And if there's anything that you must do before you leave for home, it is to hit up the various food places. It really depends on what you fancy, but for a good variety of stuff, go to any of the Kopitiam food courts. There is a swankier food court chain too, Food Republic, but I don't like how overpriced and unappetizing the food is there. There's a Kopitiam in Orchard Road too, it's located at Plaza Singapura, which is at the end of the Orchard Road belt.

  8. Jennifer. We come from a small town so it wouldn't matter how small the themepark is, we would find it big! Thanks heaps!

    Steph. It sounds like you need to go back again for a visit and catch up on some lovely memories!

    Shareena. Malaysia is getting saved for a visit all on it's own!

    Jacqueline. I lived in Sasa while in Hong Kong, so happy to know there are stores in Singapore! Far East Plaza sounds like it's a must visit so I'll mark it down on my map! Thanks heaps!

    Jamie K. I visited the mint toy website but it didn't have much info. I think we will check it out as we used to collect vintage robots!
    What suburb is Haji Lane in?

    Thanks Kay. Mmmmm, food.....10 days is too long to wait!

  9. Man, I'm jealous of all the cool places that are "near" for aussies to visit. singapore would be like a 24 hour flight for me O_o

  10. lucky you :) hope you have a blast on the trip and find some really really pretty stuff :)

  11. There's only 2 sephora in singapore. The best and biggest one would be at Ion Orchard! You HAVE to shop at orchard! even tho some things can be a lil pricey but im sure aussie stuffs are as expensive as spore. hahahha for vintage, go to Haji Lane which is located at Bugis. :)

    Oh yes! Try the Bubble Milk Tea in singapore as well!!! You will regret if you dont have it! :) I recommend Koi and Gongcha for milk tea.

  12. When I went I was still 18 and wasn't into nailpolish yet, so I kinda regret missing out on going to all the cool beauty places!

    However, I went to Sentosa Island and it was gorgeous!! I think that would be a great place to bring your kids. The beach is clean and lovely (unlike all the other ones I saw), there is a great aquarium, and the pink dolphin show!

    Also recommend the zoo. I did a daytime visit and then a night one straight after. Lots of animals (polar bears! lemurs!), and a really different feel from Taronga (my nearest one). I loved how there were monkeys just hanging out around the place, not in cages! I'd see them sitting in a tree or on a pole or something as I walked past.

  13. Ohmygoodness YAYYY!! Okay it's probably been mentioned manyyy times already but i've got to tell you too!

    The bestest Sephora outlet would definitely have to be the one at ION orchard. For nail polishes try out The Face Shop and Skinfood (they have outlets practically everywhere) and also try TONY MOLY it's a korean brand that just landed in singapore and from my knowledge they've got an outlet at bugis junction.

    Must-see attractions, definitely check out Universal Studios Singapore and the zoo.

    Vintage shops, definitely Haji Lane (it's somewhere around Bugis but you'll need to figure out how to walk there) and other shops are too off the beaten track already. :P

    I hope you have a blast hereeee!! :)


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