Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spending Cash With Carl

Don't you just love this name? Even tho I don't know who Carl is! Someone enlighten me??

This is a gorgeous blue by H & M, I'm seriously happy that Deborah sent it to me...thanks Deb!
2 coats looked divine and needed nothing done to it whatsoever, but the destructive gene inside me just HAD to do something else...so I added a layer of Nfu-Oh 56!

Still gorgeous but now it's green instead of a divine shade of blue. No Konading....you never Konad over flakies!


  1. Good afternoon

    I'm new here and loved your blog
    I am Brazilian and I wonder if these glazes are Australian you use and where I could find them.
    Can I enter the lottery or is it just for those who are in your country?

    A hug

    My blog is: http://amzdp.blogspot.com/

  2. Actually it's about 2/3 of Spending Cash with Carl and 1/3 of Envy Me ;). I have the other one which is more green based because that's 2/3 of Envy Me and 1/3 of Spending Cash with Carl. I LOVE it with the flakies on top!

  3. Wow! All glazes are beautiful.

  4. Andressa. I *think* H&M is a European brand but not entirely sure. I cannot purchase them in Australia. Nfu-Oh is available from nfuoh-nederland.nl.
    Yes, my giveaway is International :)

    Deborah. Argh, it's a franken! I didn't know you made it!! It's a gorgeous color!

  5. Hi,
    I believe it refers to karl lagerfeld, Chanel's artistic director. He also designed a limited edition collection for H&M back in 2004.


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