Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chanelling Sarah

I have done the 60's.....17 years ago to be precise. I got it out of my system, along with lame, gold thread, flares and fringed skirts.

Then I discovered Sarah's blog @ Misfits Vintage ......and somehow this dress made it's way from eBay UK into my little hippie hands.

And I think it's fabulous.

The comments this dress has generated outweighs anything I get in my flouncy florals. A ego boosting bargain at only $15.

So, altho I won't be throwing my cupcake dresses aside in favour of hippie boho anytime soon (I have promised the husband, he is beside himself thinking that I'm starting to prefer leather fringe to floral), it's nice to know that when I am in the mood for a little freelove, then I have a few pieces to choose from.

And may I introduce the star of the FABULOUS new shoes from Miss L Fire's new collection. I've worn them the last 3 days running, even around the house.

And of course, bakelite is always jingling away.

Thanks Sarah for always looking so utterly divine! And reminding me why I chose the 60's and 70's back wayyyyyy back when I was a teenager to get started into Vintage with.    It rocks!

Dress: 60's Vintage from eBay
Shoes: Lily wedges from Miss L Fire
Listick: MAC Lady Danger
Vintage Bakelite


  1. Oh Carli, I love those shoes!
    You look so pretty!

  2. The SHOES! The dress is all fine and well, but my goodness, the shoes! I love them!

  3. Love u Carolina!

    Frances. I KNOW!! The shoes are FAB! Thanks!

  4. OMG, the shoes are so divine and they are definitely the star of the show. The dress is also adorable. Are u sure its not possible to ship some bakelite accessories for sale here in Nigeria? We'l talk ab that offline.

  5. The shoes! The shoes! These totally rock! Really beautiful :D

  6. Ooh I've been drooling over the latest Miss L Fires - I ended up buying something from their summer sale stock because I couldn't decide which of the winter ones to buy. Do love the pumps with the tortoiseshell bow. And yours of course are amazing!!! I wish they didnt have the strap around the ankle cos then I would buy them in a heartbeat!

  7. Oh that frock is magnificent and the shoes are divine! Thank you so much for the shout out. I used to think I just had to stick to an era but now I don't care. I think you look BEAUTIFUL!

    Sarah xxx

  8. GIIIRL those shoes are so so so epic!! >: D I got new shoes today btw! Sneaker-boots, but still XD HAHA

  9. *dies* *swoons* *and all the other drool-y actions...* This is so amazing!!! LOVE!!! <3

  10. Those shoes are fantastic!!! 3 days? They must be super comfy!

  11. Ah...those shoes! Va va voom! And I love wearing Lady Danger lipstick too! :-)

  12. Love the dress. Reminds me of a dress I wore when I was a teenager in the 1970's. I'm so old! I didn't have any adorable shoes like that till the 1980's. Heels always killed my feet. I love to look at them but no way can I wear them anymore. You always look so fantastic.

  13. *dies* I love the dress with those fabulous shoes :D


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