Wednesday, September 14, 2011

OPI Man of La Mancha & SH Real Royal

So many pictures here but as you all know, cameras tend to spaz out trying to capture Man of La Mancha.

I started with 2 coats of Sally Hansen Real Royal, an almost black chocolate brown with shimmer.

Quite nice by itself. But I was on a layering experminent so I added 1 coat of OPI La Mancha.

These 2 pics are taken at night under artificial light. See what happens in natural sunlight:

Bottom line: It's super dooper nice but not quite worth the $20 I paid for it on eBay. Ozotic multi and duochromes are much nicer, in my opinion, have a much clearer color shift and cost less than half of OPI.


  1. Lovin' the first color! So edgy! : D

  2. Your layering experiment is just beautiful. Almost looks like the Clairins polish. Gorgeous.

  3. so pretty... definately going to try out Ozotic multi soon if you think they are better as I really love how this one looks!! x

  4. I love love love love this! to bad I don't have either. :((


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