Friday, September 9, 2011

Kleancolor Metallic Orange

I know, I know, "Move on from the Metallics Carli" I hear you all yell.

But look at it. Awwwwwww.

And I'll say it again.....ALL FOR $1.79!!!

Stamped with Warm Black Konad. It all blended in a bit too much and looked a bit dark after the stamping.
I think sometimes you should just leave well enough alone.


  1. No need to move on from the KC metallics. They are awesomeness. Because of your first post about them I got them all!

  2. wow! i love it! too bad for me i don't even had 1 klean polish.. T_T this one looks like Sally hansen "Amber Ruby" i have a swatch on my blog, its really gorgeous duochrome polish :)

  3. Don't move on. At least not till mine get delivered and I don't need to live vicariously anymore.

  4. Keep them coming! This is gorgeous. I've only got the chunky holos but I think this mighty be worth another order! :-)

  5. I recently purchased some stuff from Beautyjoint but I regret not including any metallics in my order!! Booo!! :(

  6. I love orange and when its metallic, it looks even more gorgeous. How have u been Carli?

  7. Cathy. I think I'm about thru them all anyway!

    Neelai. Beautyjoint ship Internationally and its quite reasonable.

    Cat. Hate living thru others!!

    Teedee and Nailstories. Oh no! Back off to Beautyjoint both of you and get ALL those metallics!

    Hey Barby girl! I'm good, how's the vintage?

  8. I'm loving this polish with the stamp design!

  9. Gorgeous color! I also like the stamp. Your accent nail almost looks like tortoiseshell. U don't mind the metallics at all. So pretty.


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