Monday, September 5, 2011


These are the things I desperately want this week:

This vintage 50's dress. Unfortunately it has a 24" waist and it's already been sold.

This gorgeous cake soap from Alice Jeans. (Sssshhhhh....I already bought some!)

I want to look like Sammi Sadler.

From her gorgeous waist to her perfect hair.   I just want to eat her up!  Nom nom nom.

These vintage 50's sunglasses. Hyperventilating here. Unfortunately, also already sold.

This fantastic lampwork glass pendant by Lunacy Glass. I have admired Lucie's work for years and own a few of her floral pieces. She rocks.

This gorgeous dress on Etsy. Unfortunately it's $330.

And this little vintage ripper. It's 2" too small in the waist tho or else it would already be mine.

Miss L Fire have just released their new Autumn line of shoes.   I don't dare buy these ones cause I actually already bought 2 other pairs last night.

A Dorset lucite purse with flowers embedded inside! I need this desperately...the husband says I don't. Hhhhmmmmmm, I wonder who will win??

This flower would look just FAB in my hair.

What are you lusting after?


  1. I always wear ONLY jeans and hot pants and bermuda and sneakers, but... These fluffy dresses and soft platforms are my only exceptions. *___*
    Fell in love with the first dress and the shoes with grapes! *___________*

  2. Gnoma. A fluffy dress is a must in ALL wardrobes!

  3. I have 2 of them I love sooooooo much! I should make some pics one day... ;D

  4. What a beautiful dresses! The brown with the yellow really caught my eye!

  5. I am in so much pain now! Lol! XD I too hyperventilated at the sight of those sunglasses. *dies a little* And the dresses!!! And that purse - omg if you can still get it, snap that baby up! It definitely falls in the "NEED!" category. <3

  6. Fluffy dresses! I want them ALL. Unfortunately, I don't think I get to have them.

  7. I love that first dress! So gorgeous!!

  8. I LOVE that first dress!! AMAZING!! XOXO

  9. Those shoes are just too sweet! I'd love to see the two you bought, naughty girl.

  10. I agree with you when it comes to the Dorset Rex bag. Honestly, you need to be more devious. Besides, he probably wouldn't notice anyway. You could say you had had it for ages ;-)


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