Thursday, September 8, 2011

ChG Lofty Ambitions & HT Matte

Two coats of China Glaze Loft-y Ambition. It's nice, but not terribly unique, rather ordinary and it's a little ho-hum, right?

It needed some Hidden Treasure to spark it up a bit. And then it needed to be matte-ified with ChG Matte Magic before I was happy.

It chipped very quickly tho, as in within a couple of hours. Not sure if this was Loft-y's fault or because it was 5 layers all up. Polish never chips on me, even with 5 layers, and it's usually changed before the tips have time to wear, so I wasn't very impressed.


  1. It's a shame about the chipping because it looks really good mattified.

  2. Love the effect of Hidden Treasure mattified.

  3. Flakies + matte is always a win! I always want to try it, and then... I don't know... Ok! I'll do it today! è_é

  4. It's so gorgeous!!!! Sorry it chipped so easily!


  5. Love this manicure. Hidden Treasure makes everything look so pretty. Looks amazing with the matte polish.


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