Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My New Blog!

I'm sure most of you know that my 'day job' is a glass artist. I have decided that since I can longer get access to my website to change it (stupid Windows 7 and Filezilla stuff), I would start a blogspot and update that regularly!

If you interested in the world of glass art, bead photos, artist general interest and tutorials for jewellery making, please come over and become a follower!

Bead-licious Glass Art

I also have a Facebook page that is updated with my whereabouts.

Thanks guys!


  1. Your work desk looks amazing. You know, I would love to see some videos of you making your glass creations. I find it so fascinating to watch glass bead artists at work!

  2. I really like glass work so I'm looking forward to see your new blog :D

  3. I'm pretty curious about seeing all your works!!! I'm a followers since now, of course! ;D

  4. Cathy. I do have a short vid, I'll see if it edits well and I'll upload it to the bead blog.

    Kejal. Thanks!

    Thanks istarh for following! xx

    Thanks gnoma!

  5. Cool! *runs right over & follows!* :D

  6. That is such a cool job! I love the flowers you made.


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