Thursday, March 29, 2012

Comparing Paradoxel Dupes

I've previously swatched Barry M, Ulta3 and Sportsgirl Paradoxel dupes and recently I found a couple more! Australis Limited Edition I found on clearance for $2 and Essence Princess Prunella was a recent restock at my nearest Target.

L to R: Australis, Essence, Australis and Essence. Two coats each.  In artificial light.

In natural light.  As you can see, Australis is a clear dupe of Paradoxel whereas Essence leans towards brown with a very slight purple flash.

Australis has a reputation for being on the gloopy formula side, but Limited Edition flowed on like butter and was gorgeous.  I've since gotten rid of my Sportsgirl and Barry M dupes and kept this one. :)

Hope this helps you Aussie girls!


  1. I just put one comp to it up on my Pinterest board I started for comps (yeah and nope)...It's a Revlon and not sure it still is out in the racks anywhere - but it's called Perplex - A Gray/Purple Shimmer - Revlon dupe for Chanel Paradoxical. You can see a photo of it in my comps board on my Pinterest under beachgal beachgal (yeap - 2 times - I wanted that name and it kept insisting I put in a last name) Feel free to drop by and make your visit known!

    1. I ended up by sheer luck with a Chanel Paradoxical and frankly, I like a lot of the dupes more. The Chanel is darker than most of the dupes. Like most Chanels I have forked over $ for, I have been disappointed! I won't even buy them anymore. Rather have 2 or 3 Deb. Lippmanns for the cost of 1 Chanel.

  2. Wow, thanks for this! Your blog is one of my favorites to read. Not only is the content great, the swatches and lighting are impeccable. And The base color on both Paradoxal dupes and mny 549 is the same though. All nail color really amazing.


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