Thursday, March 8, 2012

Etsy Nail Polish #2

Further to my first post of Etsy based nail polish sellers, I have compiled another listing for you. Franken Queens unite!

PamsandKin. Lovely colorful colors but no swatches! Please remedy!

ParisSparkles. Yum, check out Cobalt Surprise, opaque glitter in 2 coats!

Haze Glaze. Glitter, glitter and more glitt-ahhhhhhh.

AllThatGlitters. How have I not found this store before now? An order is in the works!

WonderBeautyProducts I would love a few of these but the fact that it comes in a kit and you have to make the polish yourself in a jar turns me off. If anyone has tested it please let me know what you thought.

LynBDesigns. Themed nail polish and stationary!

TinaAndLucy. The Labradorite color is certainly original, and it's my favourite gemstone.

SpookyBones. Your Silver Lining looks interesting.

TwoBirdsOneStore. Just added now after being contacted by the store owner. Thanks!

Have I missed any in this round?
Has anyone purchased from the above sellers and what did you think?


  1. Nice to know there's more sellers out there. I'm not even going to look. I'm trying not to spend anything unless it's really special.

  2. I have a shop too:] we'll be restocking soon if you want to take a look:


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