Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Our Week In Retro Cam

5 new baby guinea pigs were born.

Mr Lizard who lives in the backyard came out to sunbake.

Miss 10 got herself an ipod.

Ice cream at the beach.

Found a fruit shop in Ocean Grove with the best name.

Vegemite Salada crackers.....mmmmmmm.

I found the cartoon feature on my phone.

We got almost 200ml of rain in one night and the town flooded.

Something really cool arrived in the mail for me to review.

What did you guys do?


  1. BABY GUINEA PIGS! I AM SO EXCITED. CANNOT WAIT FOR A FULL PHOTOSHOOT. Sorry for yelling, I am very excited.

  2. Eek guinea pigs! Not crazy about them. The girls look adorable.

  3. Agree with Miss Tallulah! :D Also your girls look soo much like you!

  4. I am so jealous you get skinks just chilling out in your backyard!!!


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