Friday, March 30, 2012

How To Wear Your Hair As A Hat

(smile Carli)

What you need:
2 long hair rats the same color as your hair.
Lots of bobby pins

Grab a front and slightly off to the side section of your hair and wrap it around your hair rat. Roll it up tightly until it sits securely on your scalp. Bobby pin it into place and then gently seperate your hair along and up the sides of the rat until it is covered. Bobby pin, bobby pin, bobby pin!  Mine needed a little more covering on the very top, but it wasnt as noticeable in real life as this picture shows.

Roll your remaining hair over the second hair rat at the nape of your neck, again seperating the hair and pulling it along the rat until it is all covered. Bobby pin until very secure. Then hairspray till you know that baby is not going to move...ever! I added a little flower at the back, but it certainly doesn't need any more visual interest.

Be prepared to be told NUMEROUS times how FABULOUS you look. In fact, you will *almost* be sick of being told how FABulous you are.  Just make sure you have your eyebrows plastered in place and mascara on....unlike me.

(Off to the races?  No siree, this is just me off to the corner store for milk)

50's beaded wiggle dress: $20 bargain, Etsy
Shoes: London Rebel
Hair Flower: Dynamite-Darlin, eBay
Belt: Retail
Lipstick: MAC Dark Side


  1. Haha, it does look interesting, before I saw the title, I was pretty sure you are wearing the hat actually, didnt expect its made of hair, thanks for sharing :)

  2. oh so pretty! congrats it's really well done :)

  3. that's so amazing and unique! I'm going to have to try it! I bet it would look really neat with strips of false colored hair braided in! x

    1. Blode streaks overlapping would look very cool. I should have tried it before I dyed out my streak :(

  4. That hair hat is fabulous! I think I might like the dress eeeven more, though...

    1. The dress is gorgeous and has amazing beadwork.

  5. SpecTACular! Hair, frock, shoes... everthing is PERFECTION. Sarah xxx


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