Friday, January 4, 2013

A Rather Lovely Novelty Skirt

Miss 11, by day, is usually a leggings and tee kinda Tweenie. But on this day she emerged from her sanctum dressed in a gorgeous 1950's novelty skirt, matching colored lacey top and Aztec themed wedges.

I knew that SHE knew she looked cute from the way she smirked at me as she breezed past on her way out the door.


50's Alps Skirt: Etsy
Tee: Retail
Shoes: River Island
Hair Flower: eBay


  1. Very nice. She is growing up to be like her momma. I just bought some fabric very similar to this off of eBay. I'll be making a skirt sometime in the future. Mine has a french landscape.

  2. It's so immensely lovely that you two are able to share in a love of fabulous vintage novelty print skirts. She does indeed look cute as a button, and it's sweet that she knew it. It's great to have days when you're pleased with your appearance, no matter if you're 11 or 111.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. First of all super cute girl you have there :D And second am I wrong or she's the doppleganger of your Mr. Sexiest man on the Planet?

  4. Serious novelty print envy here! What a little doll she is, makes me want to have a little girl of my own so much! I'm sure she will grow up to be a very well dressed young lady with you as her mother :D


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