Monday, January 21, 2013

Silver Holographic Comparison

Hands up who has every Silver Holo on the market? Yeah, me too....almost. FNUG Psychadelic is coming up soon, but here is a quick comparison with the other 4 that I own.

Left to Right: Jade Psicodelica, Layla Mercury Twilight, Gosh Holographic and China Glaze OMG.

Jade and Gosh are 3 coats while Layla and ChG are 2 coats.
*As you can see, Gosh has the most rainbow bling of them all. 
*Jade is a thin, watery holographic and 4 coats to become nicely opaque.  Layering this over a silver base coat would cut down on the coats needed.   
*Jade and Layla have a 'scattered holo' effect, whereas Gosh and ChG have a linear effect. 
*My favourite is the linear with Gosh as my most used color.  Apparently the Chanel silver holo is pretty much identical to Gosh.
Hope this helps someone picking their most prefered silver holo!


  1. And Gosh and Fnug are Danish brands! Yipeee! :)

  2. Is that the old GOSH? these are all jaw droppingly awesome... I really want the Jade! (I currently only have the new GOSH holo) TY for your comp!!

    1. Yes, its the old version. I htink the new version is called something like Holographic Rainbow??

  3. This is so mesmerizingly cool! Pretty, slightly futuristic, and completely covetable!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Wow your Layla looks completely different to my version. Mine is much more linear. I will have to do a side by side comp of my own to check now.

    1. I must do a comparison as well. My Layla I would say is arguably the most holo silver I have in my collection, even next to GOSH. FNUG is the only one I would say beats it!


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