Sunday, January 6, 2013

How To Make A Vintage Scottie Dog Necklace

Original 1940's celluloid pieces. Photos found on Etsy, Pinterest and Google.

After purchasing Bernie Dexter's Doggy print dress, I needed (quite desperately) a matching Scottie Dog necklace! Original 1940's celluloid ones will set you back around $100, if you can find one, so the next best thing is to make your own Faux Bakelite Scottie Dog Set for around $15.00.   It is also SUPER easy to make.

I have worn my set several times since making it, and it is INSANE the amount of comments I get every time.  People LOVE it!


*Plastic chain in color of your choice. I purchase all my faux bakelite chain thru Treasure Trove Beads. The length she sells the chain in is enough for around 2 collarbone length necklaces and 1 bracelet.

*Scotty Dog Charms. These are available in all sorts of sizes and colors on Etsy and eBay, I got mine thru Doris Dotz. Make sure you purchase charms with a link on the top.

*Oval or Circle OPEN Jump Rings in 8mm size. I purchased mine through my local Beading store, they cost $3.95 (AUD) for 100.

*If making matching earrings as well, you will need 2 earring hooks.

*A pair of beading pliers. If you don't own beading pliers, just a small pair of normal pliers is fine. I have also used toenail clippers on the odd desperate occasion!

*A lobster clasp. If you intend on making a matching bracelet, buy 2 clasps.

*Nail Clippers

*Optional: I also made little black beaded dangles to hang in between my Scotties.  This is a personal preference, the original 1940s style is just to have the dogs.  If you opt for these dangles, you will need 10 6mm faceted rondelle beads in the color of your choice and 10 headpins.  These are available from any beading store or online.


*Measure the chain around your neck, decide the length, then cut. I cut my chain around 16" to hang around my collarbone, which is where I like my necklaces to sit.

*Fold the chain in half and see which is the exact middle link.  You will work out the spacing for your dogs from this middle link.  If it's easier, mark it with a jump ring or a piece of string, etc.

*Using your pliers, open 6 jump rings and put your Scotty Dogs onto the rings.  Leave the rings open.

*Working from the middle, space out your Scotties.  I find 4 links in between each Scottie is a good space.  I like to have my Scotties facing toward the middle either side instead of all facing one way.  Make sure all the Scotties are put onto the links with the links all facing the same way, or else the dogs will flop over the other side of the necklace.  Does this make sense?  How about, place your Scottys on links that are flacing flat to you as you look at the chain.  Any clearer?  See photo below.

See how the dogs are all on links that are laying flat?

*Pick up your Scotties on their jumprings and ring them into place on their spots in the necklace.  Close each jump ring with your pliers.

*Open a jump ring with your pliers and put the lobster clasp onto it.  Put the jump ring on the last link on the end of the necklace and close the jump ring. 


If you opted for the little beaded dangles in the middle of each Doggie, this is how you make the dangles:

Please click to make bigger and show the detail.
Place 1 bead onto a headpin.  Using your pliers, wrap the headpin down into a half loop, then around all the way, wrapping around the pin 2 or 3 times.  Cut off the excess with nail clippers.  Open a jump ring ans pop it on.  Alternate the dangles in between the doggies on the chain, and close each ring with your pliers.

To make a matching bracelet, just repeat the steps on how to make the necklace, but cut the chain to fit your wrist size, of course.

Simply put a Scottie onto a jump ring and close the jump ring onto an earring hook.  Voila!
Confused with any instructions?  It's very likely!  Email me or leave a comment. 
And please let me know if you make yourself a Doggie Necklace!


  1. SO adorable! I think I may have to make a necklace like that for myself now, although I may replace the scotties with a more me-ish charm. What a nifty project.

    1. Let me know what you sub the Scotties for! Ive done this necklace in fruit and flowers too.

  2. This is great! Thanks. I love the vintage scottie dog charms but man are they pricey.

    1. $6.95 is not bad actually for those dogs. They were the cheapest I could find at the time and a lot cheaper than the vintage ones. Let me know if you find anything cheaper ao I can can update the post.

  3. Fabulously cute! Due to my pesky nickel allergy, I can't wear most vintage (or modern) jewelry if it has metal in it, so I've really been getting into making more of my own nickel-free vintage appropriate accessories. I am definitely going to order a set of those precious pups and follow your lead with this wonderful set. Thank you so, so much for this awesome post!!!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Any metal links in this Tutorial can be replaced easily with nickel free findings. Let me know what you make dear Jessica!

  4. Oh my goodness this is so cute! And you're wearing your BD doggy dress, yay!!! I would love to make a pendant version of this :D

  5. so adorable! I will defiantly be making these!

  6. I love this idea!!So cute! I'll have to try it & do a post about it...I'll let you know how it turns out :-)
    Love your doggie dress, too :-)

  7. Awww that is absolutely adorable! You are super talented Carli! I'm also in looooooove with your fruit jewellery!

    Aysh xoxo

  8. I HAVE to do this! I hope I can find my dog of choice (American Pitbull Terrier)to substitute in. Anyway, VERY cute look.


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