Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Vintage Purse Collection

I do like peering in at other's vintage collections and thought you may want to have a looksie at what purses I have acquired so far?

A box purse from JR of Miami with velveteen roses. Nobody ever looks at my clothes when I carry this, they just look at the bag.

This is the QUEEN of my collection: a sparkling gold lucite barrel purse. I plan on keeping this till the day I die.

 A red, white and blue wicker purse from the 60's.
Another wicker purse from the 60's.  I have several of these for my 'everyday' bags.  They match absolutely ANY outfit.

Birdcage bamboo purse that I've attached some vintage 50's fruit sprigs onto.

Lucite weaved with floral pattern. This is an unusual lucite purse with it having a pattern.

Silver confetti Lucite purse with engraved lid. This is just big enough for a credit card, lipstick, mirror and comb!

Tortoiseshell Lucite purse.  This is great with my Winter outfits.

Do I really need to tell you all how awesomely kitsch this Strawberry purse is? People stop me to take photos of this purse. It's that wonderful.

This faux crocodile purse I found in the local Op shop for $4. It came with it's original corin purse and mirror still inside.

It's boring, but we all need a plain black purse don't we? This has an orange lucite twisted handle.

This one is BIG, modern and handy for the monthly Farmers Market where it get's loaded with fresh produce, pasta, chutney and flowers. Purchased locally from Bells Belle's Vintage.


I'm not sure how old this one is but I loved how it folds flat when not in use. Any suggestions on the age?

This 70's beaded purse was a present form my sister.

I purchased this as 60's but I think it may be more 70s / 80's. Tapestry sewn Hummingbird bag big enough for a bit of shopping or bathers and a towel for the beach.

And lastly, a cute little 50's purse that Miss 11 uses at Vintage Fairs. Only big enough to hold her coin purse and her ipod! It has makeup pictures on the front with some rhinestones and enamel.

Please link back to me if you know of any vintage collection blog posts.


  1. I love, love the strawberry basket purse!

  2. OMG the gold lucite purse <3 <3 <3

  3. I'm like totally drooling over all of your Lucite purses. The strawberry purse is pretty awesome too. I need to get a glitter Lucite purse in my life.

  4. It's so great to see a fellow addicts collection( I have a little problem with hand bags). Those lucite bags are to die for and I'm now feeling justified in perhaps buying just a couple more!

    1. me too actually! Looking at these pics, I realise I am missing a nice black one!!

  5. OMG they look beautiful!!! Why don't they make them like they used too :( I think I need more bags in my life!

  6. Holy awesomeness - if you're ever selling the roses or the strawberries - GIVE ME FIRST DIBS!!! Specyacular collection! Sarah xxx

  7. Oh my stars, that is a collection worthy of starting a vintage handbag museum around! I adore them all so, so much - thank you for sharing your stellar handbag collection with us, honey.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. What a lovely collection, love them all, especially the "over-the-top-ones"!

    Here is a link to my collection:

    1. Thanks for your link Sanne. You have an amazing collection of lucite!

  9. This is awesome collection!!

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