Friday, July 12, 2013

Comic Con Melbourne

Last weekend saw Australia's second Comic Con and we attended the Melbourne one.  The Sexy Man was a newspaper cartoonist before we married so we were going by hook or by crook!
The camera died as soon as we arrived so all of these were taken on my phone.  They were also taken mid walk, but you can get the general gist of the Show and what we saw on the day.

Illustrators Alley where you could meet comic artists and buy their work.

Merchandise, merchandise, merchandise.

Dr Who took the kids photo and gave them jelly babies!

Cosplay contact lenses.

Vintage, new and rare comics by the thousands.

Miss 5 met the lovely guy who draws My Little Pony!

Benefit were there to give makeovers.

This little machine was 3D printing a rubber Tardis!

"Who is Hans Solo and why is he inside this and all dirty?"

 Dancing Ewoks.  I was jealous, I wanted to be an Ewok too.

We got some!

These 2 attacked The Sexy Man

*cough* Hubba hubba *cough*

 You could even get a tattoo done.


And here is a farting rainbow Unicorn for the Aussie Nails girls!

No comparison.  The Sexiest Man is the Sexiest.

Miss 5 was too shy and ran away!

A Star Wars erotica magazine booth.  Yes, seriously.

I told him Absolutely NO strangle hold on my children.

 I have no idea.

I really wanted a pair of animal ears with bows and bells on them. 
But I reminded myself that I would probably never wear them.

And I had my wallet out to instantly purchase this amazingly awesome Flash Gordon jumper......then I saw it was $50.  Crushed :(

Miss 12 in Minecraft heaven.

Yes Sexy Man, I have CAUGHT you perving on Vampirella!

Miss 5 was horrified to see these Princesses.

It was huge and packed busy, even for the Sunday.

As you can tell, a comic convention is worth going to just to see everyone's costume!  Some people went to amazing lengths to look truly authentic.  We also went upstairs and saw where all the celebrities were meeting people, taking photos and signing autographs.  Ron Perlman charged $90 for a photo and $50 for an autograph.  William Shatner was the same and the girls from Charmed were about half those prices.  I really didn't recognise the rest of the celeb's....I think they were in Sci-fi shows and I'm not a huge Sci-fi buff.

I also got my photo taken heaps, even tho I told as many as I could that I WASN'T  in costume.  Sigh.

Who else went?


  1. Holy crap $90 for a photo!? No thanks. I rather spend it on dinner and booze. It looks like a lot of fun. I always loved going to anime conventions. The costumes are amazing and people have a great time.

  2. What a seriously awesome photo filled post! I've never been to a comic convention before - it sure looks like it would be tons of fun to go!

    ♥ Jessica


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