Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Heart shaped Box of Horse Doodoo over some random Coffee brown shade whose name I cannot remember.

Merope, 3 coats.  So deliciously multichromey!

One coat of Toxic Buttercup over a coat of pastel Yellow.  It has a strong pink flash that my photos didn't quite capture.

Maia in artificial and natural light.  3 coats on it's own for super easy color shifts from Gold to Orange to Maroon to Purple.  LOVE this one.


Tangete, 3 coats.  This color shift is quite subtle, but in natural light you can see a duochrome between 2 shades of Lilac and Purple.

Lil Miss Cyanide, 2 coats over a pastel Purple (un named mini bottle by Nicole OPI).  Again, the blue/green flash on this one is quite intense but my camera couldn't capture it.

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  1. They're all terrific - great diversity of colours here. I think the first is my very favourite - it's like an especially sparkly taken on fall autumn leaves.

    ♥ Jessica


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