Monday, July 15, 2013

Not All Sombre If You Throw On A Floral Hat

First of all I would like to say that I did not have a shiny face in real life.  A flash at 6pm in Winter results in funky lighting.  Trust me.

This outfit was for a funeral.  I still think that wearing a non black outfit is a little disrespectful but modern tradition doesn't really have people wearing all black clothing to funerals anymore.  So I threw on a Forest Green cardi over my 50's black dress and some Irregular Choice heels.  Some might remember that these heels made a Lust List post I did when the were first released.  I did hold off till they were out on IC's final clearance sale.  They also have 3 charms hanging off each shoe....but the little tinging coming from my shoes at every step was DEFINITELY disrespectful.

I have a few pairs in this style as I absolutely LOVE the carved Lucite heel.

50's Dress: eBay
Cardi: Retail
Petticoat: Hong Kong
Shoes: Irregular Choice
50's hat: Etsy
Stockings: Leg Avenue


  1. I love the look! I'm loving the gold petticoat. Are there many rockabilly aficionados in Hong Kong?
    You look great as a redhead.

    Cecily in New Orleans, LA

    1. I didn't see any vintage chookies Cecily...maybe they were tucked away in another part of the City?!

  2. What a terrifically pretty, elegant ensemble. Love that floral neckline on the cardi - and of course the to-die-for shoes. You look spectacular, honey!

    ♥ Jessica


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