Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Snapshots of Hong Kong

Cute, cheap cakes EVERYWHERE!

AIDS. Don't take risk.

Nathan Rd

Street butchers

Pay by the hour motels.

Temple St Night Market

Panda Volkswagons.  Want one.

Rude toys.

Crepes, crepes, crepes!  Did I mention they had brownies and slices of cheesecake inside?

Crowded trains.

Being naughty.

Self explanatory.


Most restaurants have a fake preview of their food in the front window.  I's fab as you know exactly what to order, even if you can't read Chinese.


Bamboo scaffolding is used to build skyscrapers.

Bye Hong Kong!


  1. Haha I love the second naughty one on the beach!! The placement is spot on LOL. I live in Hong Kong and it's great to see a foreigner's perspective. I will miss this series of posts!

  2. Oh man i cracked up at those beach shots....that was fun. We timed it perfectly hey!

  3. LMAO!!!!!!!! I missed so many of the funny things haha, but that soft toy though...whaaat :P

    1. You must keep paying attention for all things hilarious!

  4. loooool epic photos! I really enjoyed all the HK posts, you made me want to go back asap!

  5. Crepes with brownie slices and cheesecake in them...my goodness, I think my taste buds just did a double take!!! :)

    Such fun shots - I must say, as far as STD awareness ads go, that one is crazy cute.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. I love your naughty pics! Haha! :D


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