Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hong Kong: Ocean Park

Ocean Park is another must see attraction for families visiting HK.  It takes a full day to get through and it pretty good value for money compared with the Australian theme parks.  An adult ticket is $39 AUD and a child ticket is $20 AUD.  The rides are a pretty good mixup of adult and kids rides, with a section dedicated to little kids.  There are also a couple of shows on thruout the day, BUT these are spoken in Chinese.
There is also a really cool cable car at Ocean Park and I think it's even better than the one at Ngong Ping.  They cars are quite smaller and the ride is a little rickier....much more breathtaking and a little on the scary side....which we all loved!  Ocean Park is actually in 2 separate sections and a cable car or Express underground train is needed to get to both.  We took the cable over but the train back due to the cable being closed due to high winds.

The front entrance has a huge fountain that comes alive at night with holograms and a light show.

 Sideshow alley.  These were Asian style carnival-you-never-ever-win-anything-and-the-whole-thing-is-rigged-suck-you-in style of games that kids always nag you money for.

Super long escalators!

Of course we saw the Pandas.  Both big fat, cheeky weeky, gorgeous widdle Chinese ones and the Red Pandas.

The Daily Seal show was all spoken in Chinese and therefore not entertaining for us.  We left after a few minutes to take advantage of the rides being almost empty for the next hour.

The Aquarium has been moved into a HUGE new building since we last visited 4 years ago.  It is several storeys high and extremely impressive.  You rise an escalator to the top floor then slowly spiral walk your way down several floors of under the sea delights!

My favourite was the jellyfish exhibit.  So gloriously beautiful.

Food cafes included Asian, Italian and Western food.  Miss 12 had the best pizza ever apparently: a ham and cheese with fruit salad on top!  Prices were on the high side with drinks costing around $2.50 a bottle, so we came prepared with lots of frozen water and fruit boxes.

I have one more HK post to go!  Sorry if you are bored with them.


  1. How fun! I love reading your Hong Kong posts (need to catch up with all of them). My bestie lives there so I visit whenever I can, it's a great place for a vacation ^_^

    1. How handy to have free accommodation every visit! Makes going there often even more viable!

  2. I wish I'd read your HK posts before I went to HK! Oh well, I will know for next time. Damn it though, I wish we had gone to Ocean Park instead of getting a second day at Disneyland (where we didn't go on more than 2 rides since we got there after 10 (do'h!). You live and you learn, I'm sure we will go to HK again soon enough :)

    1. You are a jetsetter Harlow so you will go to HK again! It's a great stopover city.

  3. That looks like so much fun! I'll be sad when the HK posts are done:(

  4. Not bored by HK posts-am loving them! I am living vicariously through you and dreaming of when my family can go.

  5. This looks like such a blast! I've never been to a true theme park before anywhere (historical reenactment sites, you bet, but theme parks, not so much - they're very few and far between in Canada) - hopefully one day!

    Those plush pandas are so cute! I'd have had a really hard time not buying one (though, it might be impractical if luggage space was limited).

    ♥ Jessica


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