Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Horrible, Horrible Week

Oh my goodness, what a week the Hall's have had! I have been the sickest I have even been in my life, with a record 6 days straight in bed unable to function racking my guts out. Husband was also sick AND the Mother in Law which meant Miss 10 and Miss 3 almost had to fend for themselves had it not been for my 78 year old Grandparents coming to help out and a very good friend, Miss Kelli Brown, dropping in baskets full of homemade cooking.   Thanks soooo much Kelli!
Miss 3 then came down with an ear infection, went on anticiotics and promptly had an all over head to toe rash reaction from the antibiotics....we found out she is allergic to penicillin!! The Mother in Law had to be taken to hospital for suspected deep vein thrombosis and she is still too sick to move from there. In the last few days we have been in the Hospital ER 3 times and the staff know us all by name......
I really do urge everyone to have a flushot as this year's flu strain is an absolute KILLER and you definitely do not want this if you can help it. I have never been bedridden sick before and I honestly couldn't move for 6 days.

I do feel well enough today to get up, boot up the computer, read hundreds of emails, catch up with FB and read my blogs! What's the news?? What did I miss???!

It's Spring! And the weather is just starting to turn nice. Time for pretty frocks again! Yay!

This 50's pure silk circle dress is especially pretty, just puffed out slightly with a not so fluffy crinoline.

Lots of bakelite to complete, of course.

So, I'm now back on track and will resume regular posting from now on! Hope you all had a great weekend.


  1. Oh no - I am so sorry you've had such a shite week - and hope you all make a full recovery asap!

    On the up side - you look AMAZING in that stunning dress. I LOVE it.

    Sarah xxx

  2. Sounds like a week orchestrated in absolute hell. I hope you all feel better soon!

    You look stunning in that dress Carli :D

  3. That is the most beautiful dress I have ever seen! OMG I want it! :)

    And what a week you all have had - poor things. Hugs and kisses from Sweden.
    Hope you are all up and kicking soon.

  4. Sorry you had such a crappy week. Good to hear you are feeling better.
    Love the floral dress. It's so delicate and pretty :)

  5. Wow!!
    This is a terrible week!!
    I hope everyone will heal soon!
    REally cute this dress!

  6. Aw I'm so sorry you all got so sick : ( Please get better, yeah? ALL of you : D and it's good to have you back. /le hug
    You look stunning as always! I love the 20's inspired hair you got going on.

  7. Sounds like a terrible week, but hope things are looking up for all involved.

    Great dress on you, and shoes go perfectly!

  8. Thanks Sarah. Can't wait to hear yr new news!

    Hey Stef, thanks chook!

    Thanks Litzy! It is a recent Etsy purchase, luv Etsy!

    Nail Stories. It is light! Silk makes you feel like you are wearing nothing at all!

    Thank you rock or not!

    I will try Lulu, thank you!

    Thanks glitterM! The shoes are from Kmart....shhhhh!

  9. Ow well that sounds very bad! I hope everyone is feeling better now and I hope that next week will be much much better.

    I totally adore your dress it is gorgeous!

  10. I send you all my best wishes and I hope all of you get well soon!!! :D

  11. Awe, I am so sorry you were so sick! :( It's so awful to be that sick where you are trapped in bed. I'm so happy you're feeling better now though. That dress is DIVINE!!! I adore gorgeous fabrics like that, how the print changes to suit the dress. It always creates a beautiful look!

  12. I'm so sorry you've all been sick, I got some strain of the flu too (I'm over it now, but it took a while!) so I'm sending sympathy and happy thoughts your way for recovery.
    The dress is, as always, adorable.

  13. Omg so sorry about the whole family being sick! I feel bad for Miss 3 for being allergic to penicillin, I am too and I got a huge rash all over me. IT was HORRIBLE!

    I really hope everyone is feeling better! But I love your dress!

  14. This is the worst week I've ever heard somebody had. I hope you all will recover soon.

  15. Ohh!!! sad to hear that!! hope u get well soon. BTW: love ur shoes!

  16. i hope u feel 100% very soon!
    pretty dress :D

  17. Sorry to read that. :(
    Hope all of you are getting well soon.

    I'm really in love with your dress. It's stunning. One of the beautiest dress I've ever seen! *_*

  18. Good Lord your week has been hell. So sorry & hope you & your family is better. Some scary situations. Thank God there was at least someone to help. Your looking beautiful in your pretty. dress. Feel better real soon.

  19. :-( That really sucks having so many people sick at one time

    What a beautiful dress!

  20. You look pretty! Hope your family will get well soon. It's weird to read that spring is coming to you now that we're (in Sweden) moving into fall :p

  21. Oh~, I'm so sorry to hear that you had been sick! I'm glad that you feel better now;) You look so beautiful in the dress! You're a Princess of spring;D

  22. Oh no, poor you. its good to see you are up and about once again.
    The green dress you have on is beautiful and i look forward to more vintage posts from you.
    How is Miss 3 now?

  23. Oh no that sounds absolutely awful *hugs* I hope you're all well now.

    At least you look pretty here! :)


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