Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fly Me To The Moon

So lovin' this Sci-Fi rockets print from Trashy Diva.  Unfortunately it's now been discontinued, but we had advance warning so I was able to snag the next size up for Miss we can all match for a little bit longer!


You must be a redneck......
Dresses: Trashy Diva
Shoes: Irregular Choice
Bakelite: Here, there and Everywhere


  1. Adorable! I love how you all have matching outfits. I'd do that. You should start sewing or having your dresses tailor made. You could buy a bolt of fabric and have all your dresses made and accessories too. Even matching purses, aprons, belts, hats, etc. You could even design your own retro style dresses and items. You have a great eye for color and mixing and matching. I used to sew all my daughter's clothing.

    1. I know I should but I have zero knack for a sewing machine!

  2. Why wouldn't everyone in the family want one? It is FABULOUS!!!!

  3. In these wonderful TD dresses you gals are the most fabulously dressed mother + daughters anywhere in the 21st century world!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Yummy print alright! I'm dying over that hit of golf petticoat...never seen one n that colour before. xx Shauna

  5. Oh gosh, I love them all! I wish I had it in my budget right now to snap up one of the dresses in that print, because it's one of my absolute favorites. Also, I'm pretty sure I've asked you before, but where on earth did you get that gold petticoat? I've been looking for one for ages.

  6. Thanks Frances! Ebay from Hong Kong!

  7. I love that dress! And the three of you look adorable! This is the first year my son (who just turned 9) said that he doesn't want to match at the convention!! EEK! Not ok!! ;)
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn


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