Saturday, June 2, 2012

For The Worse....a Few Vintage Looks

These are the outfits I wore but looked back on at the end of the day and thought "What was I thinking?" So along with the good shots I always show you, here are some of the bad.

This mid-thigh length cherries top didn't do me any favours squeezed into my slightly too tight (at the moment) Freddies overalls. The hair scarf was also a tad too costume-y for my liking.

A polkadotted top with leoprd print cardi seemed like a good idea at the time. Or maybe it was the huge bow scarf in the hair that tipped it over the edge?  Miss now 4 looks too cute for words tho in her red sequined hi-tops and hairbows.

This Bernie Dexter dress normally looks great, but with a super ruffly bolero it was a little too much. The shoes are also a huge no-no for me....criss-crossed straps stopping at the ankle cut me off and make me look even more Oompaloomaish than usual.

So, now you all have the inside scoop on my bad outfit days.  Who else has bad outfit stories to share?


  1. I like the first outfit. It's cute and casual. I know I always looks back and think "what was I thinking?" But then again, I feel like I had more balls and wore what I wanted without caring what anyone thought.

  2. Heh I know how u feel about those wide criss-cross straps. I've bought shoes in the past that are really similar and wondered why I feel frumpy. I like shoes that have straps across the front so they hold my feet in - but they need to be thin.

  3. Pfff, even your "bad" outfit days are cute. I kind of love the giant bow scarf in outfit #2.

  4. I still like outfit 2! And the dress in 3 is gorgeous, even with the shoes! I used to have shoes almost identical to those and they did the exact same thing to me! Maybe they flatter nobody? You've made me want to try hair scarves now, but get the feeling I would end up with an entire post of 'what not to wear' just from that experiment!

  5. Me ha gustado mucho el segunddo!

    Un beso, Maquillando sueños

  6. These are not bad at all!!! I love your blog =)


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