Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wintersun! Part 1: The Cars

Wintersun was on in Coffs Harbour this year and it was the first time we have attended. With 2 kids, one of them being a toddler, it is just too expensive to travel, especially as it is impossible to do any night time shows/dances/gigs. BUT this year it was in Coffs Harbour and we have had close friends recently move there..... so it was FREE accommodation!! (Thanks Dave and Chelle, you know we love you!)

I tried to cut the photos down but it was too hard!
Here is LOTS of car porn.

I fell in love with this gorgeous 50's caravan in original condition.

Original Atomic upholstery! Swoon!

Back tomorrow with more!


  1. That caravan looks amazing! I'd love to see the exterior as well!
    I don't know much about cars, but holy cow some of those are jawdroppingly beautiful.

  2. I just love your daughters poses on these pictures.... such a cutie :)


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