Thursday, June 14, 2012

Melbourne Museum

After my Love Vintage post a few expressed interest in seeing photos of the Melbourne Museum, so your wish is my command!

We go to the Museum at least once a year but this time it was extra good because we were all dressed Super Fabulously after being at the Fair, so every single person in there was staring and wishing they were us.

Miss now turned 4 learning about dinosaur bones.

Imagine painting this fingernail!

Freaking out over the tarantulas!

The Sexiest Man was all over the beetles and is pointing out the biggest for you all to see.

Me looking a little glazed and a teeny bit bored. My feet were killing me. I had been walking in 3 inch heels for 6 hours!

And I couldn't believe it when I saw this display of 1950's kitchen paraphenalia because I have those exact same canisters and I'm getting that same Sunbeam mixer! Aren't they wonderfully sublime together? I'm still looking for matching spice canisters and cake/biscuit containers if anybody knows of any for sale?

Surrounded by stuffed stuff.

And one of Miss 10 looking super cute.

There was also the human bodies exhibition with the birthing video, statues of naked bodies thru our years from birth to old age, poo going thru a digestive system, and dissected body pieces.....but I won't turn you off your dinner.


  1. You all look great and your girls are super cute. The canisters and mixer are to die for.
    Whenever I go out I tried to wear low wedges so I don't get too tired. I still do. Heels and I don't agree.

  2. Awesome pictures. :) Thanks for sharing. I never would have expected that kitchen set.

  3. I'm freaking about the spiders and it's only a photo! Argh!!!! Looks like you've had a ball though :D

  4. how fun! i love your dress in this post!!!

  5. Imagine the detailed nail art you could do on that one LOL

  6. Loved these all, Carli. Thanks for posting them!!


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