Monday, June 11, 2012

Frock Up Fair

Last week we went to the Frock Up Fair in Bendigo, hosted by The Way We Wear Fairs. I caught up with some vintage buddies, made some new ones and helped a friend purchase 2 divine Lilli Ann New Look suits which she looked absolutely gorgeous in.

There's Catherine! Catherine and I traded a beaded cardi for one of my cherry necklaces recently. Good swap I say!

Vintage fabric galore.

The divine Kim with and without her fur coat.  The New Look is Kim's signature look and it suits her gorgeous figure.  Sigh.  She also hosts Vintage warehouse shopping tours to L.A and 2013 is going to incorporate a huge Vintage Fair, the very one that Dita Von Teese never fails to miss and purchase big at.

Japanese vintage Couture.

1970's nail polish sample board.  I was all over this until I read the price tag: $175.

I was feeling a little bit 'womanly', bloated and blah and the last thing I felt like wearing was a dress.  I hate wearing pants but I pulled out my sailor look ones and teamed it with a 1940's Mexican jacket for a casual look.  Lots of lots of bakelite made me feel much better.


This was the first Frock Up Fair in Bendigo and am unsure if there will be another.  I will keep you Victorian ladies updated when I find out more. 

1940's Mexican Jacket: Etsy
Pants and Polkadot Top: Retail
Shoes: Modcloth


  1. That nail board is an awesome find, but yikes, $175!

  2. The horse bag in one of those pics is fabulous. Loving your fun Mexican jacket, just the thing to perk you up when you are feeling blah :)

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  3. You look fab! Omg check out how many frosted colours there are on the nail wheel! Hahahaha

  4. I love the 70s nail board!!!! Just wonderful. And Kim's look is lovely. I so wish I was brave enough to do the vintage thing but unfortunately frocks and I do not go together. I'm more of the brogues and grey flannel, aka Katherine Hepburn and Madmen-esque, just minus the fedora and the incredibly slim figure:(. Love your Bakelite collection. It reminds me of my mother's 1940s Mickey and Minnie Mouse tea set.

  5. Kim looks fabulous in her blue dress, wow.

    I am a little bit confused with one sentence in the post, please don't take this badly: "[...] the very one that Dita Von Teese never fails to miss and purchase big at."

    If you say she never fails to miss it doesn't that me she's not there? Am I misinterpreting? I'm sorry to point it out, I'm just genuinely confused.

  6. lovely stuff, I enjoy vintage and antique markets a lot too!
    I love your relaxed look, that mexican jacket is so much fun!


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