Friday, June 22, 2012

Wintersun! Part 4: Fashion Parade

The Fashion Parade was hosted by Bonnie Rose Vintage this year and included some drool worthy dresses. Onto the Show:

Miss Wintersun 2013 in a gorgeous 50's day dress. This was available for sale but I didn't enquire.....Iwas being good.


The photgrapher got a smooch from Chrissy.

Love the gloves.

Vava-voom Foxtrot India strutting her stuff

I was more than happy to see so many Hawaiian ensembles. You can't get much better than a fab dress and bolero set .

Whoot whoot!

Perfect prom and evening dresses.

Deadstock 1940s lingerie. The husband was paying very close attention at this point.

I hope you enjoyed my Wintersun photos!
Please leave me any links of your own Wintersun roundup or other blogs you are reading with lots of good photos.


  1. this is so fabulous! I'm so happy you post about this stuff, I can't get anything like this going on around here=]

  2. Kate is amazing! Yay, I didn't know she won.

    Who is that redhead? Vavavavavava voom!

  3. Omg these clothes are sooOOOooo fabulous!

  4. oooooooh such gorgeousness! I am really enjoying seeing all your photos.

  5. How amazing!! What great photos, thanks for sharing :)

  6. This looks like so much fun, and so many awesome outfits! :D *lives vicariously through you*

  7. I love the two piece sarong dress. I wonder if it is vintage or repro?

  8. That's me with the big lip print on my cheek! haha I saw you around all week but never got the chance to say hi. Great photos!


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