Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wintersun! Part 2: The Stars

I caught up with some gorgeous Vintage starlets and met some new ones! We were photographed for the local paper (anyone from Coffs saw me in that paper by any chance??) and asked by lots of people to pose. Being asked to pose lots reminded me I really do need to kick myself up the butt and lose some weight.

Miskonduct Clothing sponsored my 3,000 follower giveaway recently in the form of a $100 store voucher and  I finally got to meet the gorgeous Em!  She's little with huge boobs, just like me!
 I also picked up some gorgeous clothes I bought from her. New Freddie's jeans and a pinup coming, so excited!!

And this is Em's truck. Very cool.

The Sexiest Man thinks Miss Chrissy is a walking doll and couldn't contain himself saying hello. She very gracefully accepted the mauling.


She wore a divine Hawaiian strapless dress and bolero set on loan from Bonnie Rose. I think we convinced her she had to buy it.


Talking about Bonnie Rose, Miss 4 almost died when she saw 'Sleeping Beauty' in person. She was even wearing a pink frothy dance dress just like Princess Aurora! My goodness, it made her day.

I caught up again with Miss Ruby Rabbit, fit to kill in her Frankenstein monster getup.
A fellow cherry ho'.

As with every good vintage Festical, there MUST be several Elvis's walking around. I felt this one was especially cute.

Miss Pia Anderson put everyone to shame looking sublime as usual. She also has an amazing voice and a rockin band.

Street Parade tomorrow!


  1. Great post

    so funny seeing your DD in a dress that I once had for my DD around the same age!


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