Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kate Collins Cottlesloe By Night

Cottlesloe By Night is a deep "sea blue" with some turquoise and micro fine silver glitters. It is inspired by taking a swim after dark at Cottesloe (Kate wrote this with a smiley next to it which makes me think that maybe some skinny dipping was involved???!)

A disclaimer with my photos is that they were taken at midnight with no natural light, therefore the photos suck. The bottle color is magnificent, packed full of holographic glitter and wonderfulness, but it didn't translate to the nails unfortunately. They seemed to stick to the sides of the bottle and not onto the brush!

So I matte-ified it with Essie matte top coat.

Kate is a materials engineer and has a bit of a side project in making nail polishes which she has sold as fundraisers for kids daycare/kindy for the past few years. She has just opened an Etsy shop which has a few colors available now so please check it out.


  1. This reminds me of Legend (the movie with Tom Cruise and Mia Sara). It reminds me of the something Darkness would wear. It's very dark with spots of light.

  2. This is beautiful!! More Aussies need to get selling! *goes to check out the store*

  3. Oh wow, I'd never heard of a matte top coat until now - thanks! Very pretty colour, too.

  4. It's such a shame the glitter didn't come out too well, though the sparseness of it makes your nails look all starry. Love the matte too! :)

    Rai xx

  5. Damn this wasn't in stock when I placed my order that day..


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