Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Irregular Choice BAMBI Deer Shoes!

So.  I have Bambi shoes.  Yep.
This recent shoe purchase was really a no brainer.  As soon as I saw Aberrant Sole's Instagram photo of them I just blindly tapped on their website and had them purchased within 2 minutes flat. 
Price?  I can't even remember seeing one.....the price was irrelevant.

Onto the shoe review.  The heel is higher than my other novelty Irregular Choice shoes, and probably my highest heeled shoe I own.  Because this heel is so chunky and wide, walking in them is not difficult.  You girls who are used to stiletto platforms will have no trouble with these at all.

The color is a baby blue, they are adorned with Bambi fabric and have cherries attached to the front.  These shoes cover everything I go nuts over....the color, the fabric and even cherries.  The placement of the Bambi's on the fabric is also even with both shoes looking similar, which is fabulous.

When I first pulled them out of the box I did have a panic as they looked so teeny tiny in size.  Because the heel is quite high and wide, it makes the shoe itself look small.  I am a standard size 37 and these did fit fine after wearing them in for a little while.  I write after 'a little while' because the right shoe was initially about a size too small, yet the left shoe fit fine.  I was quite perplexed as they obviously had not been used for a display purpose as the shoe is a website only sale.  After wearing them around the house for about half an hour, the right shoe did stretch and felt fine. 
Thank goodness.

As for a prolonged fit, the Velcro strap does wiggle slightly loose after a little while and I did need to stop and re-Velcro occasionally.  This happens to my IC Cat shoes too.

The inside is a holographic velveteen!  Being a lover of all things holographic I was very pleased!

And IC have detailed a pastel colored Griffin as their artwork of choice for this Season's heels and shoe box.  I display my IC shoe boxes and use them as hat boxes.  They are just too pretty to put inside the wardrobe.

Irregular Choice released 3 styles in the Bambi heels last week.  Mine are called 'Cherry Deer'.  If you can't find your size do not fret.  Modcloth usually get stocks of the novelty IC shoes as well as Aberrant Sole currently selling them.  I am not sure if IC plan on restocking....BUT....a little birdie told me there are more styles to come so keep your eyes peeled!

Shoes: Irregular Choice via Aberrant Sole
Cardi & Dress: Retail
Cherries Necklace: Handmade 


  1. Whoopi approved shoes! I'm sure she's got a pair!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, glad you like them too. Don't think I want to wear anything else! Love the way you've styled them too. As a sidenote, no idea why I haven't followed your blog before, just added you on Bloglovin so I don't miss anything else, sorry about that x x x

  3. So gorgeous :D They have a cute, retro Baby Cham vibe about them too, which makes me like them even more! x

  4. They are out of this world fabulous and just as cute as cute can possibly be!

    ♥ Jessica


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